Our app takes an innovative approach to Reminiscence Therapy using Virtual Reality to combat symptoms of dementia. Users can choose from a wide range of experiences designed to unlock memories and stimulate cognition. Just download the app, drop your smartphone into any mobile VR headset and you're ready to go.

► How it Works

Person-centered Approach 

Filter experiences according to desired time and place, then customize a playlist to create an itinerary for your resident or loved one based on their background and preferences that will spark memories and increase communication. For example, begin the trip down memory lane with a stop at an old fashioned sweet shop, then board a steam locomotive to visit their favorite beach circa 1950.

Fostering Connections

With our companion app, you can share the experience with your resident or loved one and receive information and helpful prompts about what they're seeing to help stimulate communication and bring back memories.

Quality Care

The VRTU app is built in consultation with experts in dementia care and based on existing research regarding the benefits of Reminiscence Therapy, such as enhanced cognition, communication, and wellbeing.

Cost Effective

Our app is a more cost-effective alternative to physical sets and murals of historic scenes, with access to a growing catalogue of virtual experiences available in our subscription package.


Use the VRTU app anytime and anywhere with just a smartphone and mobile headset. No matter the size or location of your facility, use our app to provide better quality care to your residents.

“Most of the residents were more vocal than normal, recalling memories from times they had spent in the past. I noticed that most of them showed feelings of happiness and were smiling and laughing and this induced conversation.”


- Helen, Head Nurse at Meadow View Care Home

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